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Mr. Lateek Shabazz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, he is the fourth child of six siblings. His family lived in Cleveland’s Glenville Neighborhood, then moved to East Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated from Shaw High School. 


He continued his education at Calumet College of St. Joseph, where he graduated with two bachelor degrees, one in economics, and one in business management. 


In Cleveland, he was part of a strategy network that organized a successful campaign that brought casinos and new jobs to the City of Cleveland, which saved billions of dollars from leaving Ohio every year. 


Mr. Shabazz began his career as an educator when he started working as a teacher for the Chicago Board of Education. 


As an Entrepreneur, Mr. Shabazz is equipped with a large variety of skills and experience. He is also a Community Organizer, and Spiritual Advisor. 


While living in Chicago, Mr. Shabazz was the CEO of Hughes Furniture Store, and sold real estate part time. 


He later returned to Cleveland and started working as a teacher for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 


Mr. Shabazz has always loved the greater Cleveland area, and as a community organizer, has a big heart for the people. 


In an effort to save young Black men from being charged with senseless felonies that could destroy any chances and opportunities later on in life, one of the things Mr. Shabazz is most proud of is the work he did to decriminalize marijuana.


He considers being married and raising and educating two children and seven grandchildren as being among his greatest achievements.



Mr. Shabazz is the People’s Candidate, and will: 


Work for Reparations for all Descendants of Slaves in the USA 

Work to stop lead poisoning of our children 

Advocate Free Medical Care for all children under the age of 18

Advocate for a $15 per hour minimum wage 

Work for Job Creation, and Economic Justice for all

“It is important for our representative to work for Reparations for Black people. As I run for the 11th District Congressional seat, I have a broad-reaching, clear, Peoples Agenda. On August 3, 2021, please vote for Lateek Shabazz for the 11th Congressional District of Ohio, Thank you.”




The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to, or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.